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          Miles Apart, But Close in Heart: Celebrating Mother's Day Long Distance

It’s not unusual for families to be spread out all over the world. Thankfully, technology has created so many different ways to close the distance between us and our loved ones. Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if celebrating with your mom in-person isn’t possible, here are some creative ways to spend time together and create memories even though you may be miles apart.


Create an interview: Channel your inner Barbara Walters and turn the spotlight onto your mom. Create a list of questions ahead of time that you’d love to get your mom talking about on camera- maybe telling one of her famous stories or finally confessing that you are in fact, her favorite child. You can even provide guidance on where she should sit (good lighting is important) and a place in front of her to set the phone so she’s not holding it. You love your mom no matter how she looks, but camera-shy moms might feel more comfortable if they look the part. If needed, give her some advance notice to make herself camera ready. Record the conversation using the Zoom app or just with the screen record function on your phone. Just make sure to test out all the tech beforehand to eliminate any surprises.


Host a virtual cooking class: If the kitchen is where you have many memories of your mom, use this opportunity to create another one. Choose a recipe that you and your mom can make together over a video call. Make it into a friendly competition by incorporating different challenges such as name 5 recipes made with strawberries or be the first one to find a specific ingredient in a cookbook recipe. Enter the challenges into an online spinner wheel and take turns spinning. Have fun with it!


Host a virtual movie night: There can be a lot of variations in how a virtual movie night looks, depending on your mom’s circumstances. A low tech option is sending her a copy of the DVD or just picking a movie/show on cable tv. If you both have the same streaming channels, that works too. If she’s a little more tech savvy, Disney+ has a really fun feature where you can create a watch party. Get your favorite snacks ready, give her a call to get started and settle in for some relaxing time together.


Play a game together: Some families just thrive on competition. If that sounds like more your speed, there are a ton of online games that you and your mom can play together. Trivia, word games, and even virtual escape rooms are great options. Do the research ahead of time (there may be a cost), pick your favorite and put your game face on. It's a fun way to bond and pass the time.You can even up the stakes by making the loser do something they may not want to do- like wear their rival team’s t-shirt or something similar. Just keep it friendly and fun- remember it’s Mother’s Day!


Plan a future trip together: Whether it’s a road trip or an exotic locale, a trip together is definitely something to look forward to and the planning process can be a lot of fun too. If you don’t already have a destination in mind, spend some time together researching different places you want to visit. Have fun narrowing down places to stay, activities to do and places to eat. Add another element by watching an episode of a travel show together that was filmed in the your ideal destination. These shows are great at highlighting hidden gems and areas of interest you can add to your itinerary.

You can pair any of these ideas with a special gift shipped directly to her doorstep with instructions to open during your time together. The Frantic Farmhouse interchangeable frame paired with a sign from the Mother’s Day Collection would be a great gift option to consider. Whatever you choose to do, the most important thing is to let your mom know how much you love and appreciate her. Whether it's through a thoughtful gift, a virtual hangout, or a simple phone call, your mom will appreciate the effort and love that you put into celebrating Mother's Day long distance.