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          10 Gifts Teachers Actually Want

Teachers have always been the unsung heroes, but this year we definitely felt the weight they carry everyday. As the kids go back to school this year, make sure you show them how much you appreciate their profession and the impact they make on your life and your child’s. Skip the dollar store craft projects and get them a gift they will actually LIKE and use. Here’s a list of gift ideas to fit any budget.

Under $20

1. Rose Gold Breakaway Lanyard ID Holder
The finish on this lanyard from 13DragonflyDesigns sets it apart from the rest. This beautiful, handmade lanyard uses high quality fabric and fleece, perfect for all day comfort. With reinforcement pressure points, the convenient side release makes it a favorite for teachers

2. Gift Cards
Put the money you’d spend on making a Pinterest-inspired teacher gift toward something any teacher will love- a gift card! You can choose the denomination based on your budget and while it might feel impersonal, I promise, teachers will love the opportunity to go out for a free meal or pick something out at their favorite store.

3. Books For Classroom
Teachers are advocates for reading and often supply their classrooms with books purchased out of their own pocket. Find a list of grade appropriate books on Pinterest by typing in "2nd grade books" (or any grade) and you'll find lots of options. Pick out a few to bundle together and buy them on Amazon- just a few easy clicks and you're done. Even if you gift some repeat titles, teachers can use them as backups or even give to a child that doesn’t have as many resources.

4. Personalized Stationary
Many teachers love to write notes to their students- thanking them for gifts, introducing themselves before school starts or wishing them a happy birthday. The HartPaper shop on Etsy has some adorable designs, like this floral wreath design, and all of them can be personalized. Gifting a set of personalized stationary is a simple and practical gift that will be put to great use.

Under $50

5. SayAnything Interchangeable Desk Sign 
Show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate them with the SayAnything Gift Set. With three interchangeable pieces, this is the perfect option for teachers. They'll love the “grown-up” aesthetic, the functionality and the space-saving size. Teachers can switch up their decor as often as they want- whether it’s for holidays or a new classroom theme. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Plus you’ll never have to wonder about future gifts- SayAnything Frame is a complete product line and there will always be pieces you can add to their collection.

6. Personalized Best Job Ever Teacher Tee
Teachers live for casual days at school and will love to add a new t-shirt to their line up. This adorable tee from TexasMamaDesigns comes in a variety of colors and styles so you can find the perfect option to show off their school spirit.

7. Succulent Planter
Plant seeds of gratitude with this adorable planter that expresses just how much you appreciate your child’s teacher. Handmade from ChickadeePots, it comes in multiple color options and two different sizes. This planter can be given as-is or with a low-maintenance succulent that’s sure to bring a smile to their face.

8. Silver Hand Stamped Bar Necklace
Everybody has different tastes and style with jewelry but you can’t go wrong if you keep it simple. I love this bar necklace by JBennettGems on Etsy. It comes in silver and gold and the option to personalize with a hand stamped initial. The hammered metal texture gives it such a beautiful finish and any teacher would be thrilled to wear it. 

9. Schedule Pad
For teachers, there’s no shortage of things to plan and schedules to track. This personalized schedule desk pad from Erin Condren is a great way to show teachers some love with a pretty and practical gift. The vertical columns make it easy for teachers to jot down important things to remember and makes everything visible at a glance.

Over $100

10. Cricut Cutting Machine
If you REALLY want to spoil your teacher, get them a Cricut machine. But before you spend the money, you’ll need to do a little investigating. Make sure they don’t already have one and make sure they will appreciate one- some teachers are craftier than others. There’s machines at several different price points but if it’s still outside your budget, see if a couple other parents would want to go in on the gift with you. There’s usually great deals to be found at craft stores like Michaels and Joann’s, and they usually come with bundle options that include all the supplies they need to get started. Make sure to give a gift receipt, just in case!

I hope you were able to get some great ideas off of this list. Teachers will appreciate any gift your child gives them, but a little thought can go a long way. And if the urge to make something Pinterest-worthy is still strong, you can always get creative with the packaging. Have a great school year!