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          Gilmore Girls Craft Swap

As I posted previously, I'm part of a Facebook group that does craft swaps based on a differently monthly fandom or theme- like movies, tv shows, etc. When Gilmore Girls was announced, I just had to participate. It was so much fun coming up with creative ideas based on my partner's preferences. In addition to the crayon art project, I also designed another canvas and a Stars Hollow themed snow globe.

My partner for the Gilmore Girls swap loved Lorelai’s character and these particular  quotes- "Oy Vey! Enough with the poodles already" and "I smell snow". I don't have a step-by-step picture tutorial, but I'll let you know how I created it and give you some pointers.

My favorite piece was the poodle canvas. First, I found some fabric in my stash and hot glued it to the canvas, making sure to iron out any wrinkles beforehand. Then I found a poodle silhouette online and used my Cricut to cut out a template. Here's a png of the one I used. If you don't have a Cricut or electronic cutting machine, you can also print the silhouette, enlarged to the size you need. Using the template, I cut the poodle body out of white craft felt and glued onto the canvas. Then I trimmed the paper template down to just the areas where I wanted the poodle to have curly hair- so the head and chest area, front legs, back legs and end of the tail. I used these pieces to cut the fuzzy fabric. When cutting hairy or furry fabric, it's best to use a razor blade and only cut through the backing of the fabric. Once the backing is cut, the hairs will separate and you won't end up with any blunt cuts or edges in the fur. I glued these pieces onto the felt poodle body. It was cute as-is, but I wanted a little bit of bling. I had found this awesome rhinestone trim that would make the perfect collar. I carefully separated the furry fabric and applied hot glue to tack it down. 

The finishing touch was the quote, which really associated this with the Gilmore Girls. Hand lettering or quote design is so time consuming, but it can make a big difference in your project. I designed the quote to fit around the poodle body, cut it in HTV and ironed it onto the fabric. And the best part is I'm going to share it with you! Here's a PNG of the quote I designed that you can download and use for a Gilmore Girls inspired project of your own. 

Next up is the snow globe. It turned out super cute, but overnight it became a craft-tastrophe. The next day when I went to box it up for shipping, it did NOT look like it did the day before. The water caused the dye on the trees to bleed, making the water really dark- not great for a snow globe. Obviously, I used trees that were not meant to be submerged in water, but if you could find some that are appropriate for that, you could recreate this look yourself. The ribbon around the base was plain gold ribbon that I embellished with HTV to say "I smell snow" and truly give off the Lorelai Gilmore vibe.