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          From Industrial to Western: A Guide to Discovering Your Farmhouse Style

Long before “farmhouse” was a decor style, it was just someone’s home that happened to be built on a farm. The home was welcoming after a long day of work outside and was built using materials that were readily available. It was functional. It was warm. It was inviting. There wasn’t one thing in particular that made it a farmhouse, it was a feeling. The same holds true today.

Stereotypes of farmhouse decor are often riddled with images of mason jars, chicken wire and galvanized steel, but that’s definitely not the whole picture. The style isn’t defined by one thing in particular, it’s a combination of pieces. A sleek modern sofa in a room with a natural wood coffee table, white walls and exposed wood beams would whisper “farmhouse”- but that same sofa in a room with black metal end tables and a marble fireplace would give a much different feeling. 

Farmhouse is no longer a style all on its own. Depending on how it’s executed, there are many different styles of farmhouse-  modern, industrial or coastal, for example. Let’s dive into five of the different farmhouse  styles and examine what sets them apart.

Industrial Farmhouse style is characterized by the use of raw materials like metal and concrete, as well as a neutral color palette. You’ll often see exposed pipes & open shelving which represents a functional, utilitarian design, but it is finished with touches of distressed wood, natural textures, vintage lighting and faux fur rugs that provide the space with a lived-in feel. Overall, this style is a perfect blend of old and new, creating a warm and inviting space with an edgy, urban twist. (📷: Mecc Interiors)


rustic farmhouse

Rustic Farmhouse style goes back to the roots of traditional farmhouses and rural homes. There’s a focus on coziness, achieved by use of natural materials like wood, stone, and brick. Rustic farmhouse interiors often have exposed wooden beams (also seen in many other farmhouse styles), distressed finishes, and vintage furnishings that give the space a sense of history and charm. Warm color palettes, soft textiles and elements from nature such as woven baskets, dried flowers and reclaimed wood are all hallmarks of this style. (📷: Country Living)


modern farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse style is a design trend that has gained in popularity within the last decade due to the popularity of Joanna Gaines. This style blends clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of modern design with open spaces and warm, cozy elements. While it also uses neutral color palettes and natural materials, it differs with its simple, functional design. Modern farmhouse interiors often feature sleek, contemporary finishes like white subway tile, shiplap walls, and black metal accents that create a bold contrast against rustic wood floors. This style also incorporates modern amenities like stainless steel appliances, marble countertops, and large windows that let in natural light. (📷: Toll Brothers)


cottage farmhouse

Cottage Farmhouse style is a design combining the rustic farmhouse elements with signature cottage characteristics- pastel colors, floral prints, white-washed walls, beadboard paneling and vintage décor, creating a whimsical and romantic atmosphere. These homes often evoke a sense of relaxed, seaside living,  and favors comfortable, upholstered furniture with use of plush rugs and soft fabrics. It’s a delicate balance of rustic elements with charming, elegant, English-inspired details. (📷: Town N Country Living)


western farmhouse

Western Farmhouse style is probably the easiest style to determine because it has some very specific characteristics. With roots from the rugged American West, it is characterized by the use of materials like leather, cowhide, distressed wood finishes, and rich, warm color palettes (deep browns, reds, and oranges) representing the colors of a desert landscape. You’ll also find decor elements such as cowboy hats, boots, antlers, Native American-inspired textiles, wool blankets and fur rugs that make the space feel welcoming and comfortable. (📷: Home Designer Lover)


There are many more farmhouse styles we could cover- coastal, bohemian, french country, classic, cozy, scandinavian- the list goes on and on. The differences are often nuanced, making it difficult at times to define exactly what sets each style apart. There’s not one characteristic that defines farmhouse decor, it’s how it’s used in combination with other items and finishes in a space. Very similar to our interchangeable frames- while our name may be Frantic Farmhouse, there’s nothing about it that’s specific to the farmhouse style. The classic lines and neutral color options make them a great decor option for any style of home- we just happen to be partial to the farmhouse style.

Defining your style takes time and is constantly evolving. Just remember, the most important thing is that your home is a reflection of you- a place where you find beauty, peace and happiness at the end of the day.