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O Holy Night Hanging Sign

Feel the magic of the season with the “O Holy Night, The Stars Are Brightly Shining” Hanging Sign. The iconic lyrics and beautifully drawn design will light up your holiday decor, inviting a sense of peace and wonder into your home.

Switching up your decor has never been easier. Hanging Signs are the perfect solution to the ever-changing rotation of trendy sayings and inspirational quotes. Mix it up as often as you like- at such a great price, there's no reason why you can't!

Just pick your favorite sign color below. Need the whole set? Select the bundle option to save $$ on the frame and base.

* For indoor use only. Each sign is individually handmade with wood, a natural material. There may be slight variations in material, color and placement.

** All signs with black backgrounds will have white text and signs with white backgrounds will have black text.

Stained Border with Black
Stained Border with White